Data Visualizations

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Who says analyzing your invoicing data can’t be fun? Data Visualizations is an interactive, intuitive and practical feature that helps you understand exactly what is going on with your invoicing numbers. The visualization function takes your data, according to the data group you select, and creates a visual pattern that demonstrates your income proportions according to various parameters. What’s more, it’s not just a graphical display; it also links to the various data in the illustration, making it easy for you to dig deeper into your numbers, simply by hovering your mouse.

  • Group by: To generate a Data Visualization, select the required data group (Clients, Invoices, Products). The visualization will be automatically generated below.

To view particular data, hover your mouse over the circles within the illustration. Text boxes will automatically appear displaying information about the data grouping.


For the Invoices and Clients data visualizations, each display box includes a View link at the top right. To view the specific client or invoice, click on the View link. The Edit Invoice or View Client page will open in another window.